Cockroach infestations in Melbourne are becoming worse. The German cockroach has become more wide spread than in previous times. With many small to medium sized cafes and restaurants in inner city Melbourne not partaking in regular pest control programs

Food establishments attract pests, there are no two ways about that

Food, water and shelter are the only three things required for any pest to survive in your commercial kitchen. Traditionally, cockroaches are treated on monthly to 8 weekly program using a crack and crevice” type of application. This is where the exterminator sprays any suspicious-looking areas with a pesticide to kill the cockroaches. Since cockroaches like to hide in tight cracks and crevices that touch their bodies both above and below, special attention is paid to all cracks and crevices in your kitchen, gaps between shelving, etc. Once they have found a way into your food establishment they are are not leaving without the help of an expert melbourne pest control company.

One of the major problems is Restaurant and cafe owners are mislead with information about closing down for long periods of time while spraying is taking place but Right Pest Control will advise you on the correct times and carry out treatments so this issue is minimised and in most cases will not interrupt food service at all. Most of our commercial clients have once been with other companies but switched as we are so accommodating in what we offer in service and quality. Treating many restaurants in one of Melbourne’s leading food strips where all the owner communicate,seen us pick up many clients in a very short period of time, which we have been servicing for many years now.

Cockroach control and rodent control are a must have solution in every food manufacturing and handling premises to stay up to standard with the food safety act. Our pest exterminators are trained to no only treat the current infestation but to monitor it on regular basis,also giving advice on how to maintain your kitchen or bar at a high standard. Pests can be detrimental to your business not only contaminating food in storage, but freaking out clients that just will not return after having that close encounter with a mouse or a roach running across the counter top while serving, every owners worst nightmare.

Rat Exterminator

Rodents or more commonly known as rats and mice have become a very large problem in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. However, they do become more noticeable in the cooler months of winter. This is because they are warm blooded mammals just like us so they tend to come indoors in these cooler months causing much disturbance and damage to us and our property. Whether it be making quite a lot of noise in the roof space above your bedroom when you are trying to sleep or running around throughout your home making a mess they leave possibilities for you and your family members to get sick with the diseases they can spread. Therefore, when the weather temperature drops dramatically as it does in Melbourne, rats and mice move indoors for warmth. If you need a rat exterminator that takes great pride in the service they provide throughout Melbourne suburbs in commercial or residential situations then Right Pest Control can service and solve your problem.

A recent call from a client that thought they had a rat sneaking into their property at night was confirmed when we got to the property for an inspection and found a surprise in the spare bedroom. As you can see there is quite significant damage to this bed base.


Not only had they chewed holes into the bed base,but they were also chewing away at the timber frame. Rodents need to continually gnaw on hard objects to wear down their front teeth. This is the way they keep them in good condition for causing maximum damage as they do continually grow and can get too long making life hard for them to forage on other hard food sources like nuts and seeds from fruits. This is why quite often you will hear them gnawing on the timbers inside your roof space.


Recently we have come across some very expensive repairs required after rodents have been left to their devises. Not only chewing dishwasher hoses and flooding kitchens but a very costly problem where rats had been gnawing the the hard plastic water pipes of a  display home in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Causing a series of water leaks throughout the home sending a repair bill into the tens of thousands as carpet, plaster and furnishing were all ruined.

Some of our pest control melbourne services include:

Commercial & Residential
Flea control
Cockroach control
Bee control and removal (Relocation)
Wasp control
Bed bug control
Spider control
Termite control & inspections
Builders Termite protection
Possum removal.

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Rodent Pest Control

Rodent Pest Control

Well here we are at the end of summer with the colder nights coming. Rodents like mice and rats are just getting their families a nice warm home for the winter, that being our homes too. We always notice around Easter a big influx of rodents in the home or office environment not only because it’s warm, but rodents actually love chocolate. So the best thing that can be done is keep all those Easter eggs in sealed air tight containers trying to not leave any crumbs lying around inviting these furry little critters into our homes.

These little guys were caught in Craigieburn. Where this family have been having an ongoing battle with mice for quite sometime being able to combat the the problem using snap traps, catching the odd mouse here and there. The problem with using snap traps is you can only catch one mouse at a time. These little critters are quite clever at taking the little treat you leave for them on the trap and actually evade the the deadly blow intended.

So this Craigieburn couple finally decided to call in the experts to get the job done. While we set some strategically place rodent bait stations throughout the home,and baited the roof void to stop those scurrying sounds they are hearing at night. These little guys will be gone in no time using the methods we use.

Craigieburn along with all the other fast growing northern suburbs like Doreen ,Mernda and Wollert seem to be areas with a lot of rodents. With all the new construction going on and is taking up what was once there habitat, there will be quite a lot of rodent control needed in these areas for quite some time.

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Save The Bees

Pest Control Melbourne

When it comes to Bee control & care, Right Pest Control’s number one aim is to save colonies where possible and to relocate them to a safe manageable apiary or Bee yard. With a critical global declination of bee population due to CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and a myriad of other diseases such as AFB (American Foul Brood), we need to ensure that all is done to save this amazing and important little insect.

Environmental conditions are causing a rapid decline in the bees’ population rate. The current wide spread use of pesticides in farming and agriculture can be quiet devastating on our wild bee population. Bees are said to help pollinate around 75% of all plants and flowers which contribute to putting food on our tables.

Backyard beekeeping is becoming very popular and trendy throughout Melbourne and even the CBD with companies like Roof Top Honey setting up hives on top of our lovely city buildings. With our Pest Control Melbourne service, we have set up our very own apiary in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, not only will this produce natural raw honey but will also prove beneficial in saving the bees’ population.

How to remove pests in your home?

Creepy and crawly pests are the worst nightmare for a house owner, they can cause a lot of damage, potential diseases and pose a threat to the well being and health of you and your family members. Thus, you should be well aware of the techniques and methods to get rid of the pests in your house using pest control Melbourne services. There are chemicals like sprays, baits, artificial repellents, and poisons that can be dangerous if not lethal when accidentally touched or ingested, hence it is best to leave the work to the professionals. They use various kind of techniques and procedures to completely destroy all the pests present in your home. But there are certain household techniques which even you can utilize to keep the pests out of your house.

  • Clean spills and crumbs as soon as possible.
  • Do a regular weekly clean inside your kitchen cupboards.
  • Storing food in airtight containers and never leaving food out.
  • Seal all cracks around your kitchen as cockroaches slip through cracks in the wall.
  • Stop smuggling bugs and cockroaches from shopping bags by inspecting them before putting them away.
  • Don’t leave pet food out in the open.
  • Be careful and do not stack up magazines and papers.
  • Empty the kitchen’s rubbish bin regularly.

Thus, by employing the above tips you can be assured that your house will never be infested with pests again and you will also ensure the wellbeing and good health of you and your family members by providing them with a cleaner and healthier home.