Cockroach infestations in Melbourne are becoming worse. The German cockroach has become more wide spread than in previous times. With many small to medium sized cafes and restaurants in inner city Melbourne not partaking in regular pest control programs

Food establishments attract pests, there are no two ways about that

Food, water and shelter are the only three things required for any pest to survive in your commercial kitchen. Traditionally, cockroaches are treated on monthly to 8 weekly program using a crack and creviceā€¯ type of application. This is where the exterminator sprays any suspicious-looking areas with a pesticide to kill the cockroaches. Since cockroaches like to hide in tight cracks and crevices that touch their bodies both above and below, special attention is paid to all cracks and crevices in your kitchen, gaps between shelving, etc. Once they have found a way into your food establishment they are are not leaving without the help of an expert melbourne pest control company.

One of the major problems is Restaurant and cafe owners are mislead with information about closing down for long periods of time while spraying is taking place but Right Pest Control will advise you on the correct times and carry out treatments so this issue is minimised and in most cases will not interrupt food service at all. Most of our commercial clients have once been with other companies but switched as we are so accommodating in what we offer in service and quality. Treating many restaurants in one of Melbourne’s leading food strips where all the owner communicate,seen us pick up many clients in a very short period of time, which we have been servicing for many years now.

Cockroach control and rodent control are a must have solution in every food manufacturing and handling premises to stay up to standard with the food safety act. Our pest exterminators are trained to no only treat the current infestation but to monitor it on regular basis,also giving advice on how to maintain your kitchen or bar at a high standard. Pests can be detrimental to your business not only contaminating food in storage, but freaking out clients that just will not return after having that close encounter with a mouse or a roach running across the counter top while serving, every owners worst nightmare.

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