Are you seeing cockroaches in or around your home or business?

With their discarded shells, droppings, egg cases and vomit, cockroaches spread diseases such as salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus. They can even harbour the virus that causes polio. Their presence can have a detrimental effect to the reputation of a business and can cause unpleasant odours.

Cockroaches, particularly when their numbers are low, tend not come out into the open during the day.  As a result, they often go unnoticed at first. It doesn’t take long, however, before those few increase in number and begin to make their presence felt even during the day.

Cockroaches are one of the worst nightmares of any property owner, these six legged creatures enter your home and have the potential to spread a whole lot of diseases like salmonella, diarrhoea and many more. They mostly live in the wet areas of your house like the bathroom, they are highly dangerous if they are left untreated over time. At Right Pest Control we are very aware of the health risks associated with these pests so we provide efficient and effective cockroach control services around Melbourne to a variety of premises.

Cockroaches are very hard to discover as they mostly come out during the night, another fact about cockroaches is that they have a peculiar stench which can prove to be very irritating. They can contaminate your food and utensils which in turn can prove to be very hazardous for the health of all the residents of your home. We at Right Pest Control are experts when it comes to cockroach control services, we sport a team of highly experienced individuals who know all the facts about these six legged insects. When you choose us for your property our team will come to your place with all the necessary tools and chemical agents required to get rid of these disgusting pests. We are a company that focuses on the root of the problem rather than just providing temporary control services. We make sure that when our work is done your property is completely safe of future cockroach problems as well.

With our cockroach control services we can help you achieve a home that has a healthy environment for all the residents. So the next time you spot a cockroach in your house, give us a call on 0478 308 361 and let us sort out the cockroach issue.