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Rats and Mice can pose serious risks to you and your family’s health, carrying germs and diseases. They can contaminate your food, home and businesses with their faeces, urine and hair. They carry fleas and ticks and damage property by gnawing throughcontainers, wood, insulation and wiring. Rats and mice nest anywhere and at any time of year, they tend to be a more prevalent problem in the cooler months, when they seek shelter indoors.

Rat Exterminator
This is the sort of mess left behind in you roof by rodents causing that disgusting odour throughout your home. This Wheelers Hill home needed to have the insulation removed and replaced the odour was that bad. This is why it is so important to get a rat exterminator straight away.

Rats & mice also carry fleas and ticks, packed full of germs known to cause illness and allergies! Rats and mice can also eat nearly half their body weight in food daily – the stronger they get, the more risk they pose to not only your home but your loved ones!

Female rats and mice have very short gestation periods, between 19 – 22 days. They can produce well over 100 babies per annum and, given the right conditions, can live for up to 3 years. That is 3 years of potential risk to you and your family!

The potential risk of fires also exists, rodents love chewing on wires and electrical cables; with rats and mice causing 6.5% of all house and building fires in Australia. If left uncontrolled, rats and mice will continue to spread the risk of disease for you and your family. They will continue gnawing at your wood and wires, causing destruction to your property. Rats & mice can often cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars of damage to your home!

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We make use of the best insecticides and rodent control measures that are highly environment friendly and eliminate rat and mice problems. Our rat exterminators are highly efficient and they can deal with any kind of rat problem.

With our rat and mice exterminator services you can be sure that your house is going to be completely free of these disease generating rodents.

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