There are many different spiders that can be found in and around our homes and gardens in Melbourne and regional Victoria. While most are harmless, they can cause an unsightly mess with there webs. There are a few that pose significant risk to humans and animals with their venomous bites. In fact, Australia has some of the most venomous spiders in the world. Whilst the reports of life threatening spider bites is low, it nevertheless still exists and extreme care should always be taken.

Spider control begins with identification of the spider.  It’s colour markings, body form and web are important factors in determining potential harm. Spider infestations are best treated by one of Right Pest Controls professional technicians who are trained to identify the spider type and carry out the safest form of eradication.

Australian Venomous Spiders

Australian spiders with venomous bites include the Funnel-Web, the Mouse Spider, the Red-Back and White Tail spiders. The people who are at increased risk include young children, elderly and those with heart conditions.

Scary looking, but relatively harmless include the Black House Spider, Huntsman and Wolf Spider.


  • Inspect your property for spiders and devise a programme to get rid of them if necessary.

  • Spray affected areas with a safe and effective insecticide spray

  • Use repellant spray to protect the perimeters and surrounding areas of the building

  • Find out how spiders are entering your home and advise you how to prevent it


  • Keep gardens clear of rubbish and long grass so spiders will not be attracted to it

  • Don’t just brush down the webs, kill the spiders if at all possible

  • Teach your children to never touch a spider

Spiders, although mostly a harmless pest can prove to be very annoying if they are found in large numbers in any property. At Right Pest Control you will be able to find efficient and effective spider control services for a variety of premises including domestic as well as commercial.

Our team at Right Pest Control consists of individuals who are highly trained and skilled to deal with spiders. They can help get rid of all spiders from your home and lay preventative measures to stop them returning. We will work towards getting to the root of the problem and eliminate it so they don’t return. Our team knows to find where the spiders are residing and they treat them with environmentally friendly termicides.

With Right Pest Control’s spider control services you can have confidence that you have made the right choice for your home. We provide services that go a long way for our customers. To learn more about our spider control services give us a call on 0478 308 361 and let us show you what we can do.