Bed bugs are small, roughly about the size of an apple seed, brown, oval shaped and tend to live in clusters. Their diet consists of the blood of humans and animals. With people doing quite a bit of travel these days, it is very easy for them to be picked up in clothing and bedding and spread to new locations.  They can typically be found in mattresses, bed springs, bed frames, head boards and in the corners of carpet or even in your luggage! An infestation is typically associated with low cost, short-stay accommodation places such as hostels. Numbers, however, certainly seem to be on the rise, and infestations have been found in 5-star hotels as well.

Bedbugs are nocturnal, actively searching for food at night while their hosts are sleeping.  They will feed in day light hours if food has been scarce. Bed bugs can be very annoying and distressing to have in your home. In accommodation services, however, such as hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and campgrounds, an infestation can prove to be a public relations nightmare

A peaceful and sound sleep is what everyone wants, but this is not possible for the people whose houses are infested with bed bugs. If your house is infested with these little pests, you will wake up in the middle of the night scratching your body and be left with little red whelps. We at Right Pest Control can help you exterminate these pests with our effective and proficient bed bug control services. Bed bugs can prove to be highly annoying if you aren’t aware of their presence in your home, they can live in the frames of your bed and keep multiplying and if overlooked they can successfully damage your property as well as your health.

With Right Pest Control you can shield yourself and your family from blood sucking little insects that have been hampering your sleep every single night. Our team utilises all the right pest control products that are highly effective in getting rid of these insects in the first attempt. When we leave we make sure that not a single bed bug has been left behind on your property.

Do not let these blood sucking creatures annoy you anymore, call us today and we promise that we will provide you with a house that is an entirely bed bug free zone. So for more information on our Bed Bug Control and Extermination services in Melbourne, call us on 0478 308 361.