Do you have a Bee or Wasp Swarm at your house?

Do you have bee hives near your home?

Keep your family safe! Have the Bees removed safely!

Bee Removal Melbourne
Here is a swarm of bees that we were called to remove from the local primary school. With the students watching from their classroom they were pretty happy to see them gone so they could return to the playground.

Bees can be an extremely dangerous for people who are allergic and often create fear, but you should never go out of your way to kill a bee.  The positive environmental impact that bees have is second to none.  Right Pest Control owner Paul Right is a registered Bee Keeper and instead of destroying them he chooses to re-home them so they can go about their job in peace.

Wasps on the other hand are very aggressive and territorial. If they happen to make nest at your home then you should get a professional in straight away to eliminate them. They pose a serious risk and in numbers, wasp stings can be fatal. Don’t let these invaders start taking over your home, give Right Pest Control a call and let us get rid of them for you.

Right Pest Control are experts in removing bees and wasps from your property, operating throughout Melbourne.

  • We are a team of fully qualified, licensed technicians that you can trust!
  • Servicing Melbourne for the past 15 years
  • Our technicians are efficient to ensure there is minimal disruption to your day
  • We do it once and we do it right – the first time!
  • To guarantee maximum safety, all of our products are environmentally friendly

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