Clients quiet often call us wondering what seems to be damaging their carpet and more than often it is from carpet beetle. They cause those unsightly bald patches around the edges of the room. Adult Carpet beetles are very small in size, approximately 2-3mm but can cause a substantial amount of damage throughout your home if left untreated. Adult beetles can and will fly in the warmer months and will be quite often found on or around your window sills of your home. The adults feed on pollen flowers before they return indoors to give birth to their eggs where the larvae are produced and begin to damage your belongings. The larvae grow to about 5mm in size resembling a fury caterpillar. They will consume anything that is animal based like carpet, wool,silk etc. Carpet beetles have a life cycle that last between 1-2 years.

Carpets form an integral part of most homes or businesses, they are the most widely used flooring solution by people all around the world. They are included in a property to increase the style and aesthetic appeal of the place in which they are used and the comfort they offer. But not many people are aware of the fact that if a carpet is not cleaned at regular time intervals they tend to develop carpet beetles, these tiny beetles may go unnoticed by many people but over the time they tend to destroy the fabric of your carpet. But with Right Pest Control you do not need worry about such situations because we have got this area of pests covered as well in our services. With us you will be successful in obtaining efficient and affordable carpet beetle control services.

Another important thing to know about carpet beetles is that they not only live in your carpets but once they are mature enough, they can fly and damage other belongings of yours as well. Hence we advise you to not take this issue very lightly and get our help the minute you see a carpet beetle in your home. Our team will come to your place and inspect all your carpets, after that your carpets will be treated with the right kind of chemical agents so that all the beetles in them are demolished.

With our services you can have the complete peace of mind that you have made the right choice for your premises. We aim towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction in every single service that is offered by us. To know more about our Carpet Beetle Control services, contact us on 0478 308 361.