Bed Bug Removal Melbourne CBD

Bed Bugs Removal Melbourne CBD

A client in Melbourne’s CBD could not understand why they were waking with rows of bites each morning. When they contacted our expert pest control in Melbourne  about this problem and described what was happening, we suspected it would be bed bugs. We suggested that they contact their real estate agent as they had only been living in this property for a week, and with their approval we went in to do and inspection. It didn’t take long to confirm the problem with a quick inspection of the the bed and frame. Bed bugs have become a large problem throughout Melbourne CBD of recent times with the increase of overseas travelers staying long periods of time in fully furnished apartments and shared accommodation. While bed bugs do feed on human blood they do not carry or transfer disease to the recipient. One thing that we have noticed at Right Pest Control is the majority of our clients receiving bites from bed bugs are female rather than male. There is no scientific study to suggest that bed bugs feed more often on females than males but this is just something we notice.

The average life span of a bed bug is between 6-12 months and a female can lay between 1-5 eggs per day,within 10 days of hatching a newly emerged bed bug is out for a feed so at this stage you may notice an increase in bites. So it don’t take long for an infestation to get out of control in a short period of time. While each adult bed bug only needs to feed approximately every 10 days. When a bed bug bites its victim it also injects enzymes and an anticoagulant to stop the blood from clotting during feeding,while the recipient will not be aware of this happing until several hours later when the sore and itchy welts come about.

With an inspection program and monitoring systems available these are great tools for hotels and hostels to stay on top of the increasing problem we have in melbourne. Prevention is always a better solution than waiting until its to late having your valuable clients complaining and putting bad reviews about your business which can be very damaging to your bottom line.



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