Rat Exterminator Northern Suburbs Melbourne

Rat Exterminator Northern Suburbs Melbourne

Rat Exterminator Northern Suburbs of Melbourne

Rat Exterminator Northern Suburbs Melbourne


Now that winter has begun Paul a Rat Exterminator Northern Suburbs Melbourne said he has noticed the influx of rodent calls coming in especially from the Northern Suburbs, although rodents are all over Melbourne it seems we are receiving a large amount of work in the Mernda, Epping & Craigieburn areas.

Most people say they can not believe the amount of noise a rat can make in the roof and mostly believe it is a possum in there. But after a quick inspection it doesn’t take long to determine that rats are the culprits for all that scurrying, scratching noise keeping people awake at night. But all the noises you hear are the least of your problems. Paul says it is more the smells and droppings they leave behind. Without a bladder as such, Rats & Mice urinate and defecate constantly everywhere they walk leaving behind that terrible stench in the insulation of your home. This is why it is important to get a Rat Exterminator in as soon as you hear these noises. Replacing insulation and heating ducts in your roof can be expensive, needless to say the amount of damage they do to wiring and data cables.

Recently one client from Craigieburn had problems with their alarm system not working and one of the sensors failing to light up. It didn’t take long to inspect the roof and work out that the data cable was completely chewed through leaving their home unprotected.

Some clients are really freaked out and get quiet distressed at the thought of rats and mice in their roof. Even the cleanest homes get rodent problems at this time of the year Paul says. They do not discriminate on which home they move into, if they can find entry points into your home or business property it doesn’t take them long to settle in, causing you some sleepless nights.

That’s where we come in, taking all the necessary steps to take care of your property keeping you and your loved ones safe from not only rodents but all pests. Our Melbourne Pest Control expert technicians will give you all the advice you need to know about what we have done and what we will do. Something we hear from a lot of clients is “I’m going to ask a silly question”, no question is a silly question to us. At Right Pest Control, we love to spend time with our valuable clients so they totally understand the process of what we have done. Customer service is the number one priority at Right Pest Control.

Feel free to contact Right Pest Control at any time. 0478 308 361


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