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Professional Rat Exterminator

Professional Rat Exterminator

Rodents or more commonly known as rats and mice have become a very large problem in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. However, they do become more noticeable in the cooler months of winter. This is because they are warm blooded mammals just like us so they tend to come indoors in these cooler months causing much disturbance and damage to us and our property. Whether it be making quite a lot of noise in the roof space above your bedroom when you are trying to sleep or running around throughout your home making a mess they leave possibilities for you and your family members to get sick with the diseases they can spread. Therefore, when the weather temperature drops dramatically as it does in Melbourne, rats and mice move indoors for warmth. If you need a Professional Rat Exterminator that takes great pride in the service they provide throughout Melbourne suburbs in commercial or residential situations then Right Pest Control can service and solve your problem.

A recent call from a client that thought they had a rat sneaking into their property at night was confirmed when we got to the property for an inspection and found a surprise in the spare bedroom. As you can see there is quite significant damage to this bed base.

Rats had been living inside this bed base.

Not only had they chewed holes into the bed base,but they were also chewing away at the timber frame. Rodents need to continually gnaw on hard objects to wear down their front teeth. This is the way they keep them in good condition for causing maximum damage as they do continually grow and can get too long making life hard for them to forage on other hard food sources like nuts and seeds from fruits. This is why quite often you will hear them gnawing on the timbers inside your roof space.


Recently we have come across some very expensive repairs required after rodents have been left to their devises. Not only chewing dishwasher hoses and flooding kitchens but a very costly problem where rats had been gnawing the the hard plastic water pipes of a  display home in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Causing a series of water leaks throughout the home sending a repair bill into the tens of thousands as carpet, plaster and furnishing were all ruined.

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Right Pest Control services all across Melbourne. Call Us on 0478 308 361 for more info.

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