End Of Lease Pest Control – Flea Spray

End Of Lease Pest Control – Flea Spray

Right Pest Control knows how stressful moving house can be. We therefore offer a fast and cost-effective service for removing pests from your rental property in Melbourne’s north and eastern suburbs. This is good to know, when the process of moving house has been equated to starting a new job, relationship breakdown and even divorce! Not only does moving take an impact physically, the rigmarole of moving from one house to another can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Under this pressure, it isn’t surprising that many people forget, or are unaware, that pest control needs to be on their to-do list.

While the Residential Tenancies Act (1997) in Victoria doesn’t explicitly state who is responsible for the removal of pests from a rented home– the lessee or the property agent– there are some rules that should be abided by. Generally, if the house suffers from pests when the tenants move in, it could be seen to be the responsibility of the agent. However, pests introduced while the tenants are leasing the property are likely to become the responsibility of the tenant. A common example of this are pests such as fleas attracted by pets, bed bugs by low hygiene standards or ants, rats, mice and cockroaches drawn to the property by rubbish and food waste left lying around. Many of these pests carry disease and cause damage to property, making it difficult to get your bond back. In fact, some tenancy agreements will stipulate special terms for the removal of pests, such as a flea treatment of the house if you have cats or dogs, or even a general pest control program upon your leaving.

With this in mind, it is important to be aware of pests when moving from your rental property. Despite there not being a definitive rule for this scenario, it is possible, and likely in extreme cases, that pest issues on a property are resolved at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). This involves money, time and official inquiries into the state of the rental property. All good things to avoid! However, this is an extreme measure, and one that can be avoided with the right assistance. That’s why Right Pest Control are here to help you remove pests at the end of your lease, assisting you in your measures to maintain your rental history and receive your bond back.

End Of Lease Pest Control - Flea Spray
End Of Lease Pest Control – Flea Spray

To avoid costly and stressful tribunals, enlist the help of our pest control team to conduct a thorough, and cost-effective, end-of-lease service on your rental property. We will assess your property and carry out the necessary measures to restore it to its former, pest-free state. Call Right Pest Control on 0478 308 361 to remove unwanted pests from your rental property in Melbourne.


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