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Do you need a Mice Exterminator Western Suburbs Melbourne

There’s no doubt that it’s horror movie material. It’s night time and not long before you hit the sack after a long day’s work when a mouse—or worse, a rat—runs through your house and disappears somewhere. Where, no one is really sure. Bed somehow seems less appealing, more like a chamber is which a huge rodent and its entire family peer in on you from their undetermined home in the walls/ceiling/floor/behind the bed itself! And even if some of these rodent-homes are summoned by your own (debatably) irrational fears, that rat or mouse has to live somewhere, right? Sadly, yes.

So, you ask me, why do you have this problem in your Melbourne home or property? Your home might be brand new. It might be old and charmed but seemingly well-looked after. Rats and mice can infest any home, and at Right Pest Control we judge no one—we have seen pests occupy some pretty ideal spaces. So, what are some of the factors that might make your home the perfect residence for a rodent and their ever-growing family?

SANITATION: Make sure that rubbish bags and food waste is not left lying around your home. Rodents will do pretty much anything for their young, and that involves seeking out the rubbish you left near the door ready to take out a few days ago now. Homes that have poor hygiene standards (and we do understand, life is busy and there is so much that can get in the way) are very likely to attract rodents, so make sure you keep it clean and tidy to avoid sending out the “welcome” signal to these nasty pests.

INSIDE SHELTERS: Other than food, rodents love to nest, breed, and sleep, and to be honest, your home looks pretty cosy from outside. Rats and mice can squeeze themselves into the smallest of gaps and cracks to reach the pot of gold inside your home, so make sure that you seal up these small spaces and inlets as best as you can.

OUTSIDE SHELTERS: And if they can’t make it inside, rats and mice will settle for second best: a new home in your backyard or around the periphery of your house. This makes firewood piles, discarded furniture, and the shells of old cars more than just rubbish—they are all potential rodent hotels, so clear up and get rid of junk wherever possible.

There are many other variable factors that contribute to rats and mice becoming your new, unwanted house guests. As the temperature drops, your home will look more and more inviting to these pests; loud construction noise and disturbance will disrupt nests; natural disasters will shock rodents from their current living spaces. There are many things you can’t avoid, and if you find you home or property in Melbourne’s western suburbs is a new home for rodents, call Right Pest Control on 0478 308 361 and we will safely and quickly eliminate the problem Mice Exterminator Western Suburbs Melbourne.


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